29 August 2009

The Nelayan

This is my second time visit "the jetty of destiny". Last time I came here without studying my subject and actually went there without any aims. And now I want to improve my social contributes because Mr. Rabani said that photographer is a public representative. Its true because when you upload you pictures and attach caption, people will read it and they will comment "thanks for the information", "I don't know until about this until you upload it", and so on.

First picture is Mr. Ghani. Bajau fisherman who resides at Putatan almost 30 years. One wife and four child lives with his "pukat" and "jala" and the second picture is Mr. Mahad, also bajau fisherman who staying with Mr. Ghani's family. The sacrifice their "berbuka" with their own family for searching some fish.
I want to try slow shutter and I manage to shoot a few, picture above are one of the result. But because of it, I fall down to the sea with my camera. My leg was injured but syukur because my lovely wife in a good condition eventhough its also wet as me.It will not bring me down, I will go for another try to improve my skills and complete my slow shutter experiment.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

28 August 2009

An Introduction Of Photojournalism

Here I want to share something with you all about photojournalism. First time I heard about that word when I was in first month involve in photography. One girl asked me "Will you involve in photojournalism?" I was blank because I don't know what is it and I just ignore it until I meet one photographer at facebook, Mr. Rabani HM Ayub.

He told me that Photojournalism is about making a big deal about your subject and the best photos are the ones which, not only attract attention because of the colors and the exposure but also containing related information. Study your subject very well and you will have good story as well as good photos and be a part of your subject. And his second advice to me was if you want to be a better photographer,stop being a photographer.

Interest right? After that I think deeply what does he said and then I found book title "photojournalism: an introduction" at library. After read and read and then I understand what does Mr. Rabani advice. Dont just shoot as you see, or blind shoot. It will be nice but it mean nothing without story behind that pictures. Here I want to share something from the book "photojournalism : an introduction" by Fred S. Parrish in how to gatering information. And here I picked from his book and paste it for us to share some knowledge.

Caption help put images into perspective and explain details that are not visually obvious or clear. Photographers must gather information about their pictures so caption can be written. The 5Ws is a good way to discuss caption information gathering.

Who - Always ask subject to spell their names as they want them to appear in print. Misspelling a name is a journalistic sin. If subject do not object, recording all information they tell you is helpful. Always get children's age
s. Request adults' ages only if they are relevant because some people sensitive about their ages.

What - Always accurately and completely identify the overall event. Get a brief description and the title of the event if it has one. Seek detailed information about each individual image. The participant and what they are doing and other information relevant to the scene. Get as much specific information as you can about what is going on in the picture.

When - Note the day, month, and year and the specific time of day if it is relevant. If you have any doubt, use about approximately, or a spread.

Where - Use formal names first, followed in parentheses by any informal names. Do not depend on common usage to reflect formal names. People often do not know formal names, including people who have long been associated with a place or structure. Be specific as possible.

Why - Make sure you get the real why, not what some uninformed or misinformed person proclaims. Always try hard to confirm information with at least on other source. This category may or may not relevant to caption information. This is a judgment call. If you have any doubt, get the information.

Other Information - Always seek and explanatory information that does not readily fit into any of the preceding categories, such as technical information and its lay description. Write down or record any informative quotes.

Already read? It it useful if you want to be a good photographer. Not just simply point and shoot your subject and then walk around like nothing happen. If you see someone fall down, you mau shoot it and then run as fast as you can to help him/her. When you jump into street photography, asked your subject as much as you can.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

23 August 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan (Putatan)

22nd August, all muslimin and muslimah started fasting and here I come to wish Happy Fasting In Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. But Im the only person who fasting, my camera still go on so that I planned to make a photojournalism about bazaar ramadhan that I come.

Today after working, I went to Putatan's Bazaar, near Putatan square and behind the market. It is about 56 and more stall open at there. Before I come here, I set in my mind to shoot the bazaar visitors and I just saw and shoot one oversea visitor from Australia (5th pic). As I see, all he visitors came from local who leave near Putatan.

I just shoot about 20+ pictures because I spent my time chill out and ask about their opinion and so on. They probably regret about that place because it was not strategic. Its hard to find parking, to close with other stall, near snooker shop which is not good, and many more. I will continue my photojournalism in every place that I can manage to come.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

19 August 2009

Happy Photographers Day

Happy Photographers Day! I saw an announce from Mr.Roslee Karim in his facebook and thanks to Mr.Nizman because invite me to join that day. Firstly I was a bit shy because of their gear and experience but they said that cameraman is the most important. But in my opinion, lens is the most important things. You cannot shoot macro thing if u didnt have that macro lens and so on.

In that earlier morning, we gather at Waterfront near Hyatt Hotel and then take a group pictures with Sabah Professional Photographers Society, Mansau Ansau Photography, and the other freelances. And then we do street shoots from waterfront to the Asia City Complex for a tea time. In that time, they keep sharing their knowledge and their are really friendly eventhough they already involve in this field more the 5-30 years.

That is photography. Shoot and share some knowledge with other. After you shoot, and then they look at your pictures and said "try to..", "adjust your..", "beware wih..", and so on. Not like other that said "you needa good gear", "just a beginner shoot", what is this?", and so on. This is not a good way to share some knowledge. And then do not shoot randomly with knowing your subject because of two major things. You gain nothing but exhausted if you shoot randomly and you make your shutter jammed faster their it should.

Today I just shoot about 50+ pictures because for me when it comes to street, I keep in my mind that I want to shoot the memorable or interest moment and try to understand my subject. Chilling with them and ask them about their business, working hours, and so on. Finally, dont think Im the one who "kacang lupakan kulit". Im a freelancer, not working for any group. I just join their group activities if I free. We share the same hobby right?

Picture above for the Mansau Ansau record. Still waiting for the group photo will all of the us. At the right back, from the left is Mr. Nizman Lee, Mr.Wan Iskandar, Mr. Chan, Mr. Alex Lo, and Mr. Michael Willie. In front from the left is Mr. Mazran, Ms. Atiqah, Mr. Clament Makulim, Mr. Adam,and me.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

18 August 2009

Pesta Kaamatan UMS 2009

Last night, UMS organized an Kaamatan Festival and Unduk Ngadau for IPTA/IPTS for year 2009. There are 12 contester if Im not mistaken. The winner is one of the UMS student also. I jointly as a photographer in this event to contribute my society to UMS and to take an opportunity to take an experience especially in this event.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

09 August 2009

Festival Filem Malaysia

When I was heard that FFM will be held at UMS, I’m really interest and I said to my heart that I want to involve as a photographer, not a watcher or so ever. So that I keep my study on it and finally I’ve got the information how to involve on it. Firstly I try to contact with DBKK but pain that I gain, nobody will talk to you except the operators. I wont give up and try to contact FINAS and finally, million thanks to Puan Shila for her helps.

I tried to get more but it was strictly to enter as a media. Syukur she still can help me and gave me 3 media’s tag. I’m thinking, how about that 2 tags? After that I decide to give with my sifu Mr. Azlan and Mr. Eddie because of many reasonable things. Sorry for those who really want it, I hope you understand how much I sacrifice to get it. Dont just simply blame or talk shit on me without asking or thinking.

I went there not for the pictures, but to gain an experience how to shoot at that situation and how far your skill to managed and asked your subject to pose. And yes I’ve got it. Really enjoy and hopefully there will be another big event for Sabahan.

Thank You. Enchek Izaan.