21 December 2009

Izaan The Blind Photographer

2009 almost over where I gain so much experience internally anf externally. The most important thing is about my involvement in photography. From nothing to somebody and I will achieve to someone in coming years. I learn every genres in photography and everyone knows that Im so in landscape. 

But I still want to make my own photos where people can identify easily when they see my artworks. When you see black and white, people may think about Ansel Adam and now im on my way to find my own signature. Hopefully one day I will achieve it. Pictures above are my collection in november to december. I shoot less because im busy with my other part time job, tuition tutor. 

My new mission for 2010 is simple, keep shooting on landscapes with less editing and achieve my own signature. With my lovely A200K, I called myself "the blind photographer" because of something. To all my sifus, mentors, and photographer mates, keep shooting dear friends and lets share our artworks to people because we are the representative to them. Happy new year in advance to all. 

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

19 December 2009

Top 10 Condominiums In Bangsar

Some people may dream about classical house, modern house, and others. All architects try to burn out their talent to designs some extraordinary plans. But where can people resides in where all the facilities provides? Maybe all the rich person want to stay somewhere over the rainbow where the elite should stay but the limitation of property like land wont make it.

The should go to Bangsar, the famous place to resides in. Many condominiums built up there so they can design their own house as they want. For the photographers, condominium are suitable for them to make the post processing while enjoy the panorama of Bangsar. The relax condition can let their creativity fly and achieve their own mission. They probably can choose this 10 condominiums where all of it in higher ranking.

Zehn Bukit Pantai, Bangsar.
One Menerung, Bangsar.
Bangsar Peak, Bangsar.
Palmyra, Bangsar.
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
Menara UOA, Bangsar.
The Ara, Bangsar.
The Loft, Bangsar.
Araville, Bangsar.
Sri Penaga, Bangsar.

All condominiums above are one of the top condominium in Bangsar where all people may dream to resides there including me as well. The photographers may think to open up their own studio there while the painters also want to paint something there. Many people may have their own target and the Propwall let you chose your base stage to achieve it.

For the people who interest in modern design for their house, they can visit Propwall website to make some survey and choose any of the property provides. You may find some information in newspapers but sure it isn't compete like Propwall's. So the easiest way already infront of your eyes, just click link below and welcome to the luxurious condominium owner.

click this link to find some condominium in Bangsar, and about Propwall.

Bangsar - http://www.propwall.my/bangsar
Propwall - http://www.propwall.my

06 December 2009

The Isnin

Busy with my holiday class plus other additional jobs. I enjoy it but I dont know why I really hate monday. I hate monday! This week seems like I'm busy studying about naturalist and environmentalist because I want to done something this coming year(2010). Maybe I jump into environmentalist because naturalist more to philosophy. 

Thank you. Enchek Izaan