27 September 2009


Today is monday and I really hate it. Hate it because I need to start the boring days or in the other words, back to the normal especially after aidilfitri's fever. This post I dedicate for those who feel the same pain as me. Busy and busy with study and works, sometimes it hurt other people too. Im sorry for hurting all of you because of my busyness. But what can I say? I need to be someone to gain some valuable things in the future. Maybe your friend will say "kawan or kerja?" and your probably ask he/she "will you help me in the future?". This is life,you will never gain anything if you dont sacrifice something.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

23 September 2009

The Aidilfitri At Bongawan

I shoot about 300+ pictures but I only upload pictures above because the others just for my families collections. I really enjoy this 2009 Aidilfitri because of many reasons especially when my cousins and my parent bullying me, or maybe us but I really enjoy it. To all the visitors,its not late for me to wish you all SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

13 September 2009

Random Night Shoots

Another attempt to improve my night shoots. Jumped into night photography because I already bought a tripod so its easy especially in slow shutter. Feel free to comment it.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

03 September 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan (papar)

Last sunday pictures at Papar Bazaar Ramadhan. Sorry for the late reply because Im so busy with my excersie and assignment. Firstly Mr. Azlan sms me and bring for the shooting season at bazaar and then we decide to Papar. There we meet with Mr. Rosli and Mr. Danial, facebook friends and here we come together for one purpose.

On the way to Papar,I already set in my mind to shoot and know my subject at least ask what their sell. Thanks to papar's people because they are really sporting and friendly. I didnt come for candid shoot because one of the photographers said to me that we need a neutral image. We can shoot them without any other emotion because we already ask permission to shoot them.

After that, there decide to Pantai Manis. I really excited because I want to hunting sunset but I cannot manage to shoot any sunset because the sky really haze. I wont leave for nothing and finally I get an idea to shoot a tree and moon. I will show it in my next post because I want to post in one group called night shoot.

First time at my live "sungkai" in front of the beach, somewhere in the middle of Pantai Manis. Really joyfull and thanks to Mr. Azlan, Mr. Rosli, and Mr. Danial for this priceless opportunity. I will keep it in my hunting photo diary.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan