28 March 2010

The March

Today is March 28, a few days left for us to say goodbye to March 2010. It seems like time is running and moving so fast. Next month will be my final exam so that I need to focus on my study than my hobby. I dont know what happen this month especially on my pictures,all went wrong. Maybe that is the sign from god to warning me. Here are some of my pictures taken in this month. 

Im kinda like picture number three because there is me. During the slow shutter,I moved in front of my camera and interframe there. So what? That is my picture and camera so I can do want I want to do. The weather still in bad condition, el-nino. Its good for the photographer like me to shot especially my lovely sunset but its not good for the grass, trees, and other living things. God, please save them. Green world!

Thanks to Merelyn Annable Michael because spent her time for us. Thanks also to Akmal and Mamat for this opportunity. Its time for me to move on,sell up my identity, and jump into commercial world. Maybe someday because I got no time for this. If I got another opportunity, iI will explore and shot more in this portraiture's genre. But landscape still my major. See you next month dear friends. Take care and stay healthy.

 Thank you. Enchek Izaan

27 March 2010

Singapore Room For Rent

One of my lovely friend tell me that the first country that I must visit is Singapore. Im sure he will bring me there someday when Im get ready for it. The lion city near Malaysia where their economic in good condition, well-planned cities, the microstate in southeast asia, and many more. There were more than 3.2 million people and for sure there need to provide more accommodation and there is no an easy way to build up own house there like Malaysian does.

http://sg.caribilik.com/ is a website that provide room for rent at Singapore. People may easily find the place where they can resides in somewhere in Singapore. There are 32 locations in Singapore that provide room for rent such as Aljunied, Bedok, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, and many more. The fees started from $350 and above,depends on the items that provides in the room. The room that available to rent make people easy for the domestic and international people. There are also people from Malaysia and near Singapore that stay in Singapore for working, business purpose, and so on.

There are few University and College that available in Singapore and some of them are the best university in Asia. For the student who study there especially for international's student, the room for rent make their life easy. Student may choose the room that near where their study and the minimum fees will make their life easy. For an example Queenstown, there are 156 rooms that available there and the fees started from S350 and above. All of the rooms provide such as washing machine, kitchen, and some of the rooms provide internet, aircond, and so on. Some of the rooms located near MRT too. They also may rent more than one room rent the house.

For the Singaporean, for those who want to rent their room may register in CARIBILIK and they can register in that website. For those who interest, you all may visit the website:


06 March 2010

The Last Month

Nur Hana And Afizul Jamal Engagement. 27 Febrauary 2010

Kampung Pandan Putatan. 26 February 2010