31 May 2009


Today is the last day for the Kaamatan Celebration for 2009. It was held at KDCA, legend place for the Kaamatan Celebration. Many people came from local and foreign to see Kadazan Dusun cultures. I meet many photographer especially Mr.Adzlan, Mr.Shamsul, Mr.Sindudu, and Mr.Rahim. The tell me how to be a good photographer and million thanks to them. To Sabahan, is not late for me to wish you happy holiday and Kotobian Tadau Togozo Do Kaamatan.

Thank You. Enchek Izaan

Eroy Summer 9

This is my first time snap a wedding photo and it was so hard. The pictures was blur, over-expose, dark, and cannot take they pictures well. But I take it as a new lesson. Thanks to 3rd Dice members for this experience. Happy Wedding Day Mr.Eroy.

Thank You. Enchek Izaan.

30 May 2009

Random 0004

As usual, I dont know how to describe my artwork. Hopefully the visitors can see and help me to describe it. Another random picture that I snap at my villages. Bongawan is one of the great place for the photographer especially who in landscape field. 

Thank you. Enchek Izaan.

29 May 2009

Random 0003

Fly up tothe skies and you will find something that fully with super artistic moment. Cloud is one of my favourite things that always keep me thinking and a part of my imigination.

Bring me to the road of evil so that I can become an angle. Life is not as simple as the road at the picture. It wont be easy and straight to achieve our aim. It is something that we must try harder and suffer a pain before we treasures somethings.

27 May 2009

Random 0002

Sunset is one of the greatest moment that attract every inches of people's heart. For people who resides in KK, Pantai Tanjung Aru is one of the favourite beach for those who want to spend their precious time with someone who they loves and sharing the moment together.

Manukan Island is one of the greatest island in Malaysia and attract more visitor from local and overseas. For the photographer, this island is enough for them to make and snap a wounderfull pictures for those who love in landscape and potrait field.

Random 0001

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

23 May 2009

Little Beauty Pageant

Today at karamunsing, Little Beauty Pageant was held by the Sabah Fest 2009 for the Kaamatan Festival. I only manage to come at Karamunsing because there is a clash between this competition and another beauty pageant at Centre Point. This is a good competition but the place is not strategic because the of the limited place but the crowd still enjoy for this.

19 May 2009

Pre Beauty Little Pageant

The annual Tadau Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is one of the most important celebrations in the year for the Kadazandusun ethnic communities of Sabah. Held towards the end of May each year, the event celebrates the end of the tough work and looks forward to enjoying the bounty of the harvest. The day is characterised by cultural performances, music, traditional dances and food and drink in great quantities. Another popular aspect of the festival is the crowning of the 'Unduk Ngadau' or Harvest Queen which is carried out amongst much pampering and ceremony. -source from http://www.worldeventsguide.com

This saturday, Beauty Little Pageant will be held in Centre Point at 11.30am and continue at Karamunsing Complex at 1pm. One of my student will be participate in this event so I dont want to miss a chance snap her photo. I hope there will be no problem for me to attent this event.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan

Sea Light

I really love the light that swimming at the sea. Sometimes people ask me,how can economics student like me involve is this field. And surely I answer it "its just my hobby" because I dont want many argument or disagree. Photography is universe,it is for anyone. Love you gear eventhough is just a compact camera. Because the quality of the picture is based on the people behind the gear.

Thank you. Enchek Izaan