12 April 2010

The Workshop

I joining photography more then a year and last saturday was my first workshop I ever attended. There are many workshop available and provided by Sabah's photographer including my sifus but I never attend any of it. Last saturday is Sony Alpha Workshop and its free,thats why I attended it. Do you get it? I dont want to spend hundreds ringgit for all those things and I prefer learn by myself. Ask other people, try and error, google, and many other ways to learn it.

But there are problems when I focusing on one field only. I spent most of my photography time in landscape and now many people called me sifu but Im not a sifu. Im still an ant that walking in the danum valley. But for me to photograph landscape we just need to know the perfect time, good exposure, and nice composition. This 3-keys will lead your pictures to the world. 

Pictures above taken during the workshop. Hundreds pictures taken but I just upload this four. I dont know why I really do like subject looking at my camera. Im interest in candid but i prefer the subject or model's eye look at my camera. But everyone have their own style as me too.

This week is a study week but im still outing for the sunset and other scapes.. :) 

Thank you. Enchek Izaan